Lowe’s Innovation Labs and Virginia Tech: Exosuits

Lowe’s Innovation Labs explores technology to progress the lives of customers and employees

The Project

Over the course of several years we have been working with Roc Noir and Lowe’s Innovative Labs on videos that showcase what the home improvement store is working on. Partnering up Assistive Robotics Lab at Virginia Tech, Lowe’s developed an exosuit for their stock employees.

The Process

To learn more about the development of the exosuit and to see the product being demonstrated, we flew out to Virginia with our team to film interviews and b-roll. To fully round out the project, we filmed an interview with Lowe’s Innovation Labs’ executive director Kyle Nel in our studio. Roc Noir always challenges us with new ideas; instead of the typical gray backdrop we’ve used in the past, we opted to project exosuit shots behind the interviewee.

The Result

The exosuit pilot program went into effect in April 2017 and on May 15, 2017 Lowe’s Innovation Lab announced the product. Since the press release, the exosuit has gone on to reach many news outlets that include large networks like CNN.