Lowe’s Vision App

Lowe’s Innovation Lab takes pride in making the consumer retail experience more engaging

The Project

It’s always exciting when Roc Noir and Lowe’s Innovation Labs come knocking. For this particular project we were asked to deliver a video depicting Lowe’s Vision, a new augmented reality app that’s powered by Google’s Tango, that allows consumers to visually style their environments with Lowe’s products.

The Process

Both Roc Noir and Lowe’s Innovation Labs have a distinct style to how interviews are shot; they pale in contrast to the norm and we welcome the shift to a more striking talking head. As a complimentary addition to the video, the user experience of using Lowe’s Vision app was filmed at the historic Ellen Kenna House in Oakland, CA and at a local Lowe’s store.

The Result

Lowe’s Vision was officially launched on the Google Play store in the fall of 2016. To continue the promotion of the product, we have filmed interviews with Google’s Tango team to create additional video assets.