Malcolm London Promo For An Undefeated Conversation

The Undefeated is a subsidiary of ESPN that explores the intersections of race, sports, and culture

The Project

ESPN approached us with the opportunity to do a short opening video for The Undefeated: Chicago Town Hall Special. We were highlighting Chicago’s violent past and promising future. With the focus on a “call to action” for athletes to stand up to racially motivated violence.

The Process

With only a couple days to pull together resources, we used a variety of social media platform- forums, blogs and friends- to get an idea of how we would accomplish this and who could help us along the way. We hit the ground running off a red-eye flight straight into the heart of Chicago. We spent three long days balancing both run and gun shooting and elaborate planned set ups with talent before we were able to call it a wrap.

The Result

The video was played before a panel discussion in front of a live audience about guns and violence in America and racially motivated violence.





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